Remote Recording

Are you recording your own music and are looking for some extra elements, textures and layers?  Do you need vocal harmonies?  Keyboards and synths? Guitars?
Korel’s studio is equipped with a world class recording chain and top shelf instruments and effects.



Through simple email of files, you can send in a basic track of a song you are recording and Korel can provide almost endless layers and options that you can simply import into your session. This is perfect if you are a singer but would like some extra harmonies, or if you are recording your band but would like keyboard options such as synths, strings, pianos, organs, accordions, toy piano, harmonium, etc. Maybe you need acoustic and electric guitar options but don’t have 30 guitars, a half dozen amps, and a huge inventory of effects pedals. Or maybe you’re looking for oddball textures like glockenspiel or manipulated percussion tracks. In pretty much any scenario we can find some creative options and textures for your song.


And you don’t have to leave your house.

“I worked with Korel remotely for Netflix’s feature film because our team needed live guitar. He has helped us from the very early stage of our film to the end of the final mix day. He never hesitated to do fixes we needed which can be a very sensitive and time-consuming process. But his answer’s been always YES. 

Our music team was very pleased with the quality and flexibility of different styles he could pull off. I highly recommend his service to everyone who needs quality guitar recording.”

– Perry Woo, Film  Composer


Monheim Royalty – Large Diaphram Tube U87 style

AKG C414 XLII – Large Diaphram Condenser

AKG C1000 – Condenser

Royer R121 – Ribbon

Neumann KM 184 – Small Diaphram Condenser

Sure SM7 – Dynamic

Audio Technica 4047 – Large Diaphram Condenser

Blue Baby Bottle – Large Diaphram Condenser

Blue Bluebird – Large Diaphram Condenser

Blue Hummingbird (x4) – Small Diaphram Condenser

M-Audio Sputnik – Large Diaphram Tube


Over 30 guitars and stringed instruments including:

Gibson, Fender, Collings, Taylor, Guild, Harmony, Rickenbacker, Kay, Hofner and assorted ethnic instruments.

Keyboards and other instruments including:

Vintage 1972 Fender Rhodes Piano

Vintage Yamaha CP-70 Stage Piano

Vintage Upright Piano

Saxophones, Harmonium, Toy Pianos, Glockenspiels, Acccordions, Circuit Bent Casio SK1, Stylophone, Various percussion and noisemakers


Outboard Gear

Chandler TG2 – 2 Channel Beatles/EMI Abbey Road Mic Pre

Universal Audio 2-610 – 2 Channel Mic Pre

JHS Colour Box 1073 Style Pedal Pre

Universal Audio 1176 – Compressor

Universal Audio Apollo 8 – Analog/Digital Converter

Yamaha NS10 Monitors with Bryston Power

M-Audio DSM2 Monitors

Auratone Monitors

Yamaha HS10 W Subwoofer

Vintage and Modern Guitar Amps Including:

Sampson-Era Matchless Chieftan

3rd Power British Dream (Marshall Plexi/Vox AC30)

1968 Fender Bassman

1968 Fender Princeton

Fender Princeton with 1×12 Speaker

70’s Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Line 6/Bogner DT25


Dozens of Boutique Effects Pedals Including:

JHS, T-Rex, Menatone, Way Huge, Roger Mayer, Dunlop,  Real McCoy, Boss, Akai, Fulltone, Z-Vex, Analog Man, Electro-Harmonix, Line 6, Red Witch and more

Comprehensive Software Instrument and Effects Bundles Including:

Arturia, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, Applied Acoustic Systems, Synthogy, Spectrasonics, Sound Toys, Waves, XLN Audio, etc.



Phone: 818-659-5184

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