Korel Tunador

Voice Coach, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist



Recorded Music


Visit iTunes or CD Baby for a copy of Korel’s 2 Solo records, the acoustic and melody based “Not Tomorrows” and the more produced and experimental “The Early Mournings EP”

Live Acoustic


Korel is the guy I go to when we’re on tour and working out vocal parts. We’ve been playing and singing together for over a decade and just keeps getting better. John Rzeznik

Goo Goo Dolls

Korel’s never met an instrument he didn’t like (or one that didn’t like him back)! He’s so musically gifted and I’m proud to have had him as part of my band. Katy Perry

One of the best decisions I made as a performer. His techniques and exercises completely changes my vocal range, quality, and how I approach singing. Jona B.

Vocal Client

I signed up for vocal lessons with Korel because I’ve always been self-conscious of my singing voice and needed to work on that in order to overcome my massive stage fright when speaking in public. Korel really made me feel comfortable belting out songs, worked with me to find ways to work with my vocal chords and range, and gave me exercises to warm up and calm down before speaking. I recently got to test all of his teachings during a speaking engagement and I was able to control my voice and manage my nerves. Singing and speaking are very technical arts but they can only reach their full potential with care, patience and by gaining an understanding of the philosophy behind them if you will. Korel is able to teach all of this. He goes above and beyond- even offering to test my podcast recorders to find the one that’s best for my voice. He’s dedicated, talented and a pleasure to be around with. Ivette G.

Vocal Client

Korel has been an amazing singing coach. He is patient, passionate and loves what he does! It is a pleasure learning from him and I encourage anyone to try a lesson with Korel. Charissa S.

Vocal Client

Korel has blown my mind with not only his amazingly deep knowledge of the science of vocal training but also the striking ability to pinpoint a specific singer’s strengths and weaknesses and dial in the proper techniques to improve both. Jay Wiley of The Hawkeyes

Vocal Client

First let me say that Korel is about the nicest guy you will ever meet. I’ve had a couple of voice lessons with him so far and I’ve been very impressed not only with his skill but also with how much I’m learning and hearing myself improve. Before the first lesson we had a FaceTime session and then I texted him some suggestions for songs I wanted to learn. When I arrived the first lesson he had the music and words for those songs already prepared. He makes notes and emails me homework after each lesson. He also records songs and scales to help with my practice at home. Since I’m pretty uncomfortable singing in front of others it’s great to have a teacher who is always working hard to make the student comfortable.

Robert C

Vocal Client

Korel is an incredible vocal coach. His expertice in the industry and unique style is refreshing. Every session we have together is different. I am peeling away the layers and discovering my true vocal range and abilities. Through his guidance, I am hearing and feeling new things every week. I highly recommend him for anyone, from those who are wanting to discover their own voice to the professionals who want another ear to fine tune a piece. He is kind, compassionate, patient and a joy to see every week. Thank you Korel! Kerry K.

Vocal Client

Very responsive and adaptive to your needs. Korel was always available to answer questions. We are very lucky to have been connected with him. Highly recommended! Nick K.

Vocal Client


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